Access Control Manager

Access Control Manager Features

Access Control Manager is a modern staff and visitor access control & reporting system.
Designed and implemented entirely by a Bulgarian team, tailored to the needs of any world market.
Universal & suitable for both small private sites and corporate installations with thousands of access points and numerous personnel.

Components & Software

Access Control Manager is a combination of hardware components and software for administration and reporting. Hardware include controllers, readers (possibly face or QR scanners), wiring between them, electromagnetic latches, as well as the required number of RFID cards/tags. Connection with external turnstiles or barriers is also supported.
The software part, developed entirely by out own team, manages the hardware, the records for the employee/visitors and generate reports.

Access Control

Access control is the main task of Access Control Manager and with our system you get a powerful tool to configure and manage your employees' access rights.
Here are the most important advantages:

Geographically independent

The location of the readers is unlimited in terms of their physical location.

They can be in different buildings, cities or countries and all are managed centrally.

RFID readers

An unlimited number of readers are supported, regardless of their physical / geographical location. Each reader can be in emergency mode (open permanently) or disabled. In addition to readers, QR scanners or car sticker scanners can be used.

RFID cards

RFID cards/tags are widespread, inexpensive devices that are easy to integrate into one or more access control systems. An unlimited number of cards/tags are supported, and each employee can have an unlimited number of associated cards.

Access levels (zones of access)

An access level includes a set of readers through which a given card can pass. An unlimited number of access levels are supported, each of which can contain an unlimited number of readers. Each card can be associated with one or more access levels

Facial recognition

We have special FaceID facial scanners, through which access takes place without cards - with facial recognition only.

Smartphone access

In addition to cards, authorization can also be done from a special mobile application that supports opening readers from a smartphone. Different access control systems can be managed from within the same application, and access to them is controlled in the same way as from a regular card.

Time-based restrictions

In addition to access levels, card rights can be fine-tuned with access restriction by days and hours of the week, as well as by time period between two dates.

Emergency opening

If needed, the readers can be opened directly from the web interface by an administrator.

Anti Pass-back support

An additional security feature that prevents misuse of access cards - for example, makes it impossible for more than 1 person to access given point with the same card

IP Camera support

When passing through the readers, the system can take photos from standard IP cameras, which are attached to the events as evidence. The same IP camera can be connected to several readers, adjustable delay of the photo moment is also supported

Personnel management

The system allows employees to be logically organized into branches, departments and positions. This allows easier and more intuitive organization of access rights for multiple individuals, and also facilitates reports for specific groups of employees.

Intuitive data import

Easy and convenient import of employee data (including names, photos, organization distribution, associated cards and access levels) from a simple Excel file is supported.

Working hours and reports

The data from the events registered by the readers is used for the calculations of various references about the working hours and delays made by the employees, as well as other reports

Working hours reports

Several detailed work time reports are available with different format options for filtering and exporting the data. Hours worked over a period of time can be reported, individually for each employee (each employee can have his own working hours schedule):

  • Simple report
  • Detailed report
  • Delays report
  • Working hours & compulsory attendance hours

System reports

  • Employees in the system at given date and time (can be used in emergency situations, e.g. fire)
  • Track employees for a period

Live surveillance

Interface suitable for security personnel who greet employees and visitors of building entrance with online event tracking

  • Live events tracking
  • Visitors tracking


We know our system very well and provide first-class support at all stages - design, implementation, staff training

Individually designed installations

We know that each system is individual and we always implement it according to the customer specifics. This includes individual design, best offer, installation and deployment.
We have a highly trained engineering team.

Subscription support

We offer flexible individual plans for subscription support with minimal response time.


On request - we provide access card personalization services with individual card design, protective stickers, numbering, etc.